New Bloki setup checklist

There are a lot of ways you can use your Bloki, so the following is just a rough guide to give you ideas. Not all of the steps may be relevant to your purposes.

1.    Sign up. Go to the signup page ( and sign up for a new Bloki account. The Bloki name is the same as the Username in the signup form. For example, if your username is johndoe, the new Bloki will be

2.    Activate. When you receive the "Activate your Bloki account" email, click on the link it contains.

3.    Log in. Go to the login page ( and log in with the username and password you specified in the signup form.

4.    Get oriented. If this is your first Bloki, take some time to learn how to navigate and create and edit pages. We recommend you start with the guided tour (, then skim this guide (

5.    Personalize your home page. Edit your Bloki's home page, delete the default content, and add your own. Typical elements you might want on your home page include your name, email address, a brief statement about the purpose of the Bloki, and a photo or logo. See Edit a page for instructions.

6.    Change your Bloki's appearance. Selecting a different layout can give your Bloki a whole different look and feel. See Change the Bloki's appearance for instructions.

7.    Add members. You can add members to your Bloki so they can view your private pages, collaborate with you on creating pages, and/or help you manage your Bloki: you control who gets to do what. See Using Bloki as a collaboration tool for instructions.

8.    Personalize your blog. If you're going to use this Bloki's blog, edit its header and links sidebar to reflect the blog's subject. See Revise the blog's header, footer, or links for instructions.

9.    Make yourself an admin. If this is your first Bloki, ignore this item.

If you already have a Bloki and are creating this one for a particular project or purpose (for example, if you have one for your personal use, and are creating a second Bloki for work), make your regular username an admin. Then you won't have to log out and back in when switching from one of your Blokis to another. See Add a member for instructions.


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