Edit a page

To edit a page, you must be logged in, and you must have edit permission for the Bloki.

1.    In the folder tree, select the page.

2.    In the Bloki toolbar, select Page / Edit.

3.    Revise the page as desired. For further instructions, see the "Working in the Bloki Editor" section of this guide.

4.    To save your work incrementally without leaving the editor, select Page / Save.

5.    When finished revising the page, select Page / Save, then Page / Exit.


      Only one person can edit a page at a time. If other users try to edit the page while you are working on it, they will get a message that you are editing it.

      Revisions to the page are "published" to the Bloki whenever you select Page / Save. That is, if somebody else views the page, they will see the version you saved most recently, not the page the way it looked before you started editing it.


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