Using Bloki as a collaboration tool

One of Bloki's less obvious but most useful features is the ability to collaborate with coworkers, friends, or family. For example, you could use this to:

      Have several people review a document and provide feedback (see Annotate a page).

      Create a to-do list for a project, and have team members use the Strikeout button to cross off tasks as they're completed.

      Create an intranet where you can post announcements for department or other group members.

      Use the Bloki blog for ongoing discussions among the group. If you set blog entries private, only members with read permission will be able to see them.

Setting up co-workers, friends, or family so they can collaborate in your Bloki takes just a few seconds. See Add a member and Invite an email list for details.


See also:

      Email a page: an easy way to ask someone to collaborate on a specific page.

      Insert a pop-up note: use pop-up notes to communicate with your collaborators while hiding your messages from the general public


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