Robert Lauriston

technical writing samples

Here are some samples of my technical writing. Except as noted all are entirely my work. Send e-mail for the password required to open the locked documents. If you need a copy of Acrobat Reader for the PDF files, you can download it here.

Striim (2013-present)

The documentation set I created is online at Around 10% of the topics (mostly in the HP NonStop and "Advanced programming" sections) were written by developers.

Sendmail (2011-2013)

An excerpt from the Sentrion Administrator Guide detailing migration to a new version of OpenLDAP.

Embarcadero Technologies (2004-2008)

Zapatec (2003)

EPCjobs (2002)

Fresher Information (2001-2002)

Portera Systems (2000-2001)

BeatWare (2000)

Telamon (1999-2000)

Netopia (1999)

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