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senior technical writer

Except as noted, all of the below documents are for internal use only. If your browser crashes when using one of these PDF files, please upgrade to Acrobat Reader 4.05.


The current release version of the ServicePort User Guide is in ServicePort 5, under Help / Help.

latest revision of the ServicePort User Guide (including stuff about the Actuate reports) with my comments visible (PDF)

outstanding issues for the above document (HTML)

change history for ServicePort 5.0 User Guide (HTML)

brief summary of security settings required for various common tasks (HTML, PDF)

Project Accounting module

internal-only version of Project Accounting module user guide with notes and comments (PDF)

Issue Manager

first draft of Issue Manager 5.0 User Guide (PDF)

Learning Manager

The current release version of the Learning Manager 2.0 Administrator Guide is in Learning Manager, under Training Coordinator / View Administration Guide.

internal-only version of Learning Manager 2.0 guides (PDF); includes notes regarding anticipated future changes etc. This PDF contains the conditional text used to produce all six guides (standalone and integrated for admins, managers, and instructor), color-coded as followed:

color attribute appears in
black   all versions
red   none (internal-only comments)
green   integrated versions
blue   standalone versions
black underlined admin versions
green underlined integrated admin version
blue underlined standalone admin version*
black double-underlined admin and manager versions
blue double-underlined admin and instructor versions
*Cross-reference hyperlinks are always displayed in blue, regardless of which versions they appear in..

What's New in Learning Manager 2.0 (PDF): okay for external distribution

internal-only notes on the new e-mail notification in Learning Manager 2.0 (PDF)

old LM10 documents: internal-only notes (PDF); final release version of the admin guide (PDF)

XML documentation

The XML FAQ I created has been incorporated into another, more exensive document. Contact Thomas Ivers for information.



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