Robert Lauriston

movie recommendations

top 10

1. Prospero's Books
2. Kings of the Road
3. Tampopo
4. Time of the Gypsies
5. Amarcord
6. The Tin Drum
7. Wings of Desire
8. City of Women
9. My Name is Nobody
10. Casino Royale (original 1967 version)


Buffalo 66
City of Lost Children (after which Alien: Resurrection is a lot more interesting)
Darkman (comic-bookish thriller by Sam "Xena" Raimi, great performance by Liam Neeson)
Exotica (Atom Egoyan's, not the Hollywood movie with the same title)
The Hitcher
Hour of the Pig (aka The Advocate)
House of Games (Mamet)
In the Mood for Love (Chinese); Happy Together by the same director is supposedly great too
Latcho Drom
Nights of Cabiria (new print with censored sequences restored)
With a Friend Like Harry (French Hitchcockian thriller)


Un Air de Famille (multiple Cesars)
Big Night
Citzen Ruth
Ghost World
High Fidelity
Little Voice
Love and Death on Long Island
Office Space (live-action comedy by Mike Judge)
Pets or Meat? (sequel to Roger and Me)
South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut (best musical in many years)

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