Robert Lauriston


tips for FrameMaker 6.x / 7.x for Windows

To generate PDFs:

Distiller 6 settings

To merge two formats:

To change all format B to format A, removing format B from catalog:

  1. change Paragraph Tag A to Ax, Update All, OK
  2. change Paragraph Tag B to A, Update All, OK
  3. change Paragraph Tag Ax to A, Update All, OK
  4. Update All (again), OK, Remove Overrides

To globally replace one format with another:

To change all format B to format A, leaving format B in catalog:

  1. save a scratch copy of document with a different name
  2. change Paragraph Tag B to A, Update All, OK
  3. open scratch copy
  4. return to original document
  5. File / Import / Formats, select scratch copy, make sure Paragraph Formats (or Character Formats) and Other Format/Layout Overrides are checked, click Import

Caution symbol bitmap:

caution icon

To type or find special characters:

special character
keyboard shortcut (with Smart Quotes on)
string for Find/Change and other dialog boxes
nonbreaking space Ctrl-space \x11
nonbreaking hyphen Esc, h, - \x15
en dash Ctrl-q, P \=
em dash Ctrl-q, Q \m
ellipsis Ctrl-q, I ? (in Windows can use Alt-0133)
straight single quote (for monofont) Ctrl-' \x27
grave (for monofont) Ctrl-` \x60
straight double quote (for monofont) Esc, " \x22
left single quote   \xd4
right single quote   \xd5
left double quote   \xd2
right double quote   \xd3
bullet  Ctrl-q, % \xa5

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