Robert Lauriston


Saving a FrameMaker 5.5.6 book as PDF using Acrobat 3 settings
  1. Make sure PostScript printer is set as Windows default.
  2. Make sure Acrobat Distiller's settings are as shown above (settings on other tabs should be left at their defaults).
  3. Open the .book file.
  4. Choose File/Generate/Update, and click Update.
  5. Choose File/Save As, change Save as type to PDF, edit File name to change .book to .pdf, and click Save. (Note that if the .pdf file name does not match the .book file name, some hypertext links in the index will fail. This seems to be a known bug in FrameMaker 5.5.6 and may be fixed in a later release.)
  6. If prompted to overwrite existing file, click OK.
  7. Click Set. (This presumes Acrobat settings have already been set for the FrameMaker book.)
  8. When Distiller finishes its work, open the new .pdf file in Acrobat Exchange.
  9. Choose File/Document Info/Open, check Bookmarks and Page, change Magnification to Fit Width, and click OK.
  10. Choose Document/Create All Thumbnails.
  11. Choose File/Save. Alternatively, if you wish to limit what users may do with the file, choose File/Save As and click Security. Specify a password for Change Security Options but not for Open the Document. The checkboxes for Printing and Selecting Text and Graphics should be left unchecked.

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