Overview of the Bloki blog

A blog (short for "weblog") is an online journal with entries ordered so that the most recent show up at the top of the page. People often use a blog to link to interesting Web sites, news stories, or other peoples' blog entries. The link is almost always accompanied with a personal comment.

Every Bloki has its own blog, located at http://blokiname.bloki.com/blog.

      Each blog entry is a regular Bloki page; the only thing that sets them apart from other pages is that blog pages are stored in the blog folder.

      The blog displays all these pages on a single page, in reverse chronological order. The blog also has a header (pagename blogheader) and a sidebar where you can add links (pagename bloglinks). By default these pages are stored in the general folder.

      Any Bloki member with edit permission can add, revise, or delete blog entries.

      Blog entries set as private (see Make a page private) are viewable only by members with read permission (see Change a member's access level). You can use this to allow a moderator to proof messages before making them public, or to mix private comments with public ones. Click the "public" or "private" link to change a pageís privacy setting.

      The XML icon on the right side of the page links to the Blokiís RSS feed, which people can use to consolidate messages from all the blogs they read for easier reading. You can find more information about RSS feeds at http://www.nwfusion.com/columnists/2002/0225gearhead.html.

      Click the "Ping Weblogs.com" link to let that site know that your blog has been updated. For information on why you would want to do that, see the weblogs.com FAQ.

      If youíre not sure what a blog is, hereís a good introduction: http://newhome.weblogs.com/historyOfWeblogs.


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