Make a page or folder private / public

1.    In the folder tree, select the page or folder. (Making a folder private does not make the pages it contains private; see the note below.)

2.    In the Bloki toolbar, select Page / Properties.

3.    Change the Privacy setting.

4.    Click the Update button.


·      Public pages can be viewed by anyone with a Web browser.

·      Private pages are viewable only by those members of the Bloki who have been given read permission (see the "Collaborating with Bloki" section of this guide for instructions for adding members and granting read permission).

·      In the folder tree, public pages names are black, private pages’ names are red.

·      A folder’s privacy setting affects when it appears in the list of folder names (see Change the Bloki's appearance). If the folder is public, it always appears in the list; if private, it appears only to logged-in users who are members of the Bloki. A public page in a private folder is visible to anyone who knows the page’s URL.


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