Welcome to Bloki

Bloki is a simple and easy-to-use Web-based collaboration tool for use by anyone who needs to collaborate on business or other projects. With Bloki, you can get a Bloki web page up in seconds with no HTML, programming, or design experience. It's a powerful combination of word processing and group collaboration on projects and web pages. Best of all, Bloki is free.

Possible Bloki uses


·      Intranet applications: make selected Bloki pages private, and they can be read only by coworkers or friends

·      Free Web site a la Geocities: use your Bloki as a place to create your resume, post your portfolio, recipes, or announcements available to the world

·      Blog-type applications: publish your thoughts any time it strikes your fancy, anywhere you have access to a Web browser

·      forum applications: host public or private online discussions

·      Collaborate on documents: draft a document from scratch in Bloki or upload an existing document, and collaborate with others to revise and finalize it

·      Collaborate on Web pages: Getting feedback on Web pages a pain? Bloki makes it easy to collaborate on multiple web pages with multiple individuals—free


·      No downloads: graphical WYSIWIG editor is browser-based

·      No uploads: just click Save, and your edits are online

·      No bills: free hosting (storage/bandwidth limits TBA)

·      No complicated URLs: just point people to yourname.bloki.com

·      No experience required: anyone who can use a browser can use Bloki


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