Copy a page from the Web

1.    In the Bloki toolbar, select Page / New.

2.    In the Bloki Editor, select Page / New / From the Web.

3.    In the URL field, paste the URL. If there are any spaces at the end of the URL, backspace to delete them.

4.    Click the Import button.

5.    Optionally, edit the page, then select Page / Save.

6.    By default, pages are stored in the "general" folder. You may select a different folder if you wish. If you save a file in a subfolder (a folder within a folder), it will not appear in the Pages menu of "with folders" layouts.

7.    In the Page Name field, type a short name to identify the new page. Notes:

·      Page names may contain only lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores.

·      Two pages in the same folder cannot have the same name.

8.    In the title field, type a phrase to describe the page's purpose, such as "my first Bloki page." This phrase will sometimes appear in the browser’s title bar when people view the page, and it will normally be picked up as the title of the page by Google and other search engines.

9.    If you want the page to be viewable only by your Bloki’s members, change the Privacy setting to private. If you want it to be viewable by anyone with a Web browser, leave it set to public.

10.  Click the Save button.


·      Graphics will appear in the copy if the HTML code of the imported page included the full path to the image (for example, They will not appear when the HTML code includes only a relative path (such as images/image.gif).

·      Similarly, links in the copied page will work if they include the full path to the referenced page or file, not if they include only a relative path.

·      Both images and links will stop working if they are moved or deleted, or if the Web site that hosts them is moved to a different domain or shut down.


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