Add a blog entry

To add a blog entry, you must have edit permission for the Bloki.

1.    Go to the blog (

2.    Click the Post a new entry button.

3.    In the Title field, enter text you want to appear above the blog entry.

4.    If you want the posting to be visible to the whole world, leave Privacy set to public. If you want it to be viewable only by other members of the Bloki, change it to private. (This setting may be changed later by clicking on the entry’s "public" or "private" link in the blog.)

5.    Compose your blog entry in the Text field. Notes:

·      You may include any of the elements you would in a regular Bloki page, including images and tables; see the "Working in the Bloki Editor" section of this guide for more details.

·      Bloki will automatically append your username, the date, and the time to the end of the message when displaying it in the blog.

6.    When finished, click the Save and Exit button.


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